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Motorola W409G Prepaid Telephone (Net10)

Motorola W409G Prepaid Phone (Net10)

The NET10 Motorola W409G NTMTW409GP4 GSM Cell Phone enables you to keep connected with family, buddies, and colleagues whenever, wherever through voice calls or by text messaging as it functions its ultra-portable design and style. With a two.0MP camera, you can take clear photos wherever you are. It has a built-in MP3 Player to supply entertainment on your every day commute to school or office, enabling you to take pleasure in listening to your favourite music on the go.

Item Features

  • Compact Flip Phone
  • Mobile Internet
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technologies
  • 2 MP Camera/Video Recorder
  • MP3 Player (cable and microSD? Card up to 32GB not included)

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Video Rating: three / 5

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2 thoughts on “Motorola W409G Prepaid Phone (Net10)

  1. 39 of 40 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Reasons This Is A Good Phone, April 3, 2012
    W. freeman (fairmont, wv) –

    This review is from: Motorola W409G Prepaid Phone (Net10) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    For starters i really hate big flat bulky regular cell phones. I don’t like to have to lock and unlock the phone to use it every time i need to make a call of want to text etc. Flips phones are dying quickly, why? Well because everyone wants to look cool while using their touch screen phone to text or just scroll down through things like they are doing something important. I think it’s much cooler (not that i care) to receive a call flip open the phone, talk, then flip the phone shut and be done with it, without having to touch ANY buttons what so ever. The phone is decently made, not made of steel, but hey, what is. It’s also very compact and fits right into my pocket with ease. All without having to worry about dialing numbers or hitting send while being tucked away. My dad has left his phone on several times because he forgot to lock it after a call, or forgot to hit the end button after the call. He actually wasted over 200 minutes one time.

    Other good features are that the speaker phone is very loud, it plays MP3s which are also very loud, and the ring tones are actually TOO loud, but it’s easy to adjust by the simple volume button on the side. It plays Mp4s, wmv, mpeg and about any other format of video that you can think of, yes the screen is small but if your bored you can watch a whole movie with ease, and the picture actually looks good. A few gripes is that there are no other settings for receiving and IM other than the default. The navigation is a little tricky, yet smooth once you figure out where everything is. Yes the phone seems, and maybe even looks dated, but i could care less, i have no interest in launching the space shuttle, or even opening my locked doors at home with a PHONE!! I use it for phone calls that’s it.

    I had the LG 900 which i thought was a good deal, and ending up being a nightmare because NO one could hear me, no matter how good the signal or how loud i spoke. The virgin mobile version of this phone is bad, not because of the phone, but because the service is the most limited you can find. Especially here in WV with all the mountains etc. I haven’t had one problem getting a full signal everywhere i go. And not even close to a dropped call. I use to love the 2009 Samsung phone i had with the drop down keyboard, but once again, lock, unlock, lock, unlock, what a pain! Also it couldn’t even play regular videos and the mp3′s sounded like crap. Also this phone has FM radio for if your out in the forest or somewhere camping perhaps?

    So all in all this is a really good phone and i definitely prefer this type of flip phone over any type of Android, or Iphone. I work on computers and love electronics but this phone thing has really gone to far. If you can’t wait until you get home to check email, facebook, or browse the web, then you have some issues.(Which this phone can do, i just don’t use it for that). Use a laptop or netbook. So don’t let the lack of or bad reviews steer you clear of this phone, most are not with NET10, with whom i’ve had for over 5 years and no problems at all. Most of those reviews are straight talk, AT&T or Virgin Mobile. So enjoy flipping your phone on and off, i do. Later.

    I put my 4 gig card in the back of the phone, works great.

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  2. 13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    lots of value, February 23, 2012
    Running for Life “Tiger” (Overland Park, Kansas USA) –
    This review is from: Motorola W409G Prepaid Phone (Net10) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    This phone has a lot of features including FM radio, MP3 player and a pretty good camera. Overall it works very well and it is well suited for someone who doesn’t want An ‘I’ or Android Phone. Only shortcoming I found was a lack of directions for using the speed dial, accessing voicemail, etc. Emails requesting help were promptly returned.

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