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Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 Broadband2Go Prepaid USB Modem (Virgin Mobile)

Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 Broadband2Go Prepaid USB Modem (Virgin Mobile)

Connect Your Laptop. Weight: 19g. Band and Mode: 3G Speeds where avaliable. Telephone Style: Connect without having WiFi or hotspots. Dimensions: 57mm x 25mm x 12mm. Computer and Mac CompatibleGive your laptop wireless broadband connectivity wherever you roam with the Novatel Ovation MC760 Broadband2Go USB modem from Virgin Mobile–just plug this USB device into your laptop and connect to the internet from nearly anywhere in the nation. It attributes an sophisticated internal dual band antenna technique that includes diversity for enhanced overall performance on network fringe locations, and it doubles as a flash drive with an integrated microSD reader (microSD card sold separately). The Broadband2Go modem also provides plug and play capability with automatic installation of computer software and device drivers constructed right into the device for both Windows and Mac customers.

With a Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go program, activation is easy and megabytes can be added as typically as required with credit/debit cards or Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards–which can be utilized to buy data usage from one hundred MB to 1 GB. For example, a 250 MB Top-Up card for (good for 30 days of use) translates roughly into 12 hours of net browsing. You can choose the plan that fits your requirements the best, and with no an annual contract, month-to-month subscription or activation fee (see a lot more details on pricing below). Based on your Broadband2Go Strategy, megabytes will expire 10 days or 30 days soon after you acquire them.

Supporting the EV-DO Rev. A higher-speed information regular, the Broadband2Go modem enables you to download and stream higher-high quality video, straight onto your telephone. Where coverage is offered, EV-DO Rev. A connectivity gives average download speeds ranging from 600 to 1400 Kbps, with peak prices up to three.1 Mbps. And average uploads speeds are 350-500 Kbps, peaking at 1.8 Mbps.

You are going to obtain coverage anyplace on Broadband2Go’s nationwide network. That indicates you can connect to the World wide web from nearly anywhere you bring your laptop–your home, the library, the airport, your favourite pizza spot, even outdoors at the park. No want to search for a Wi-Fi hot spot or anything like that. Service is provided in more than 4,300 cities (such as 480 airports) across the country.

Key Attributes

  • Constructed-in usage meter lets you know how numerous megabytes you have left in your Broadband2Go Plan. Your Broadband2Go account web page will automatically seem whenever you plug the USB device into your laptop. Your megabyte balance will be displayed appropriate on that page. You can also verify your account anytime by logging into My Account.
  • EVDO Rev A technology for quickly information transfers
  • Integrated microSD slot gives flexible memory storage possibilities without having hindering your Web connection performance compatible with cards up to eight GB in size.
  • NovaSpeed enhances broadband connections by enabling simultaneous upload and download, on the web gaming, video streaming, GPS maps and huge file transfers with practically no interruptions or buffering
  • Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista Windows 7 Mac OS X, 10.3 and larger

What’s in the Box
Broadband2Go USB Device, quickstart guide, lanyard

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go Pricing

Solution Characteristics

  • Prepaid USB modem offers mobile broadband speeds for your laptop via the EV-DO Rev. A 3G network
  • Easy activation and megabytes can be added as typically as necessary with prepaid data plans ranging from to
  • Built-in usage meter lets you know how a lot of megabytes you have left in your Broadband2Go Strategy
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac laptops microSD memory card slot compatible with cards up to 8 GB
  • What is in the Box: Broadband2Go USB Device, quickstart guide, lanyard

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23 thoughts on “Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 Broadband2Go Prepaid USB Modem (Virgin Mobile)

  1. 41 of 42 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Fast and very easy to use, December 23, 2009
    Jackal24 (Anchorage, AK) –
    This review is from: Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 Broadband2Go Prepaid USB Modem (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Pros: Easy to use, fast, small
    Cons: Lack of plans that last more than 30 days, “built in usage meter” not really built in

    I just purchased this and was very surprised how easy to use it is. I had it all set up in less than 5 minutes while sitting at the airport. One very clever thing that they have done is that the installation software is included on the USB stick, so there is no separate CD to deal with and lose. It walks you through everything. The connection I have is extremely fast for web browsing and even viewing youtube videos (just don’t view too many and use up all your plan MB).

    The unit is very small compared to many similar type modems I have seen. It is the just a little bit larger than most usb memory sticks.

    There is an included lanyard, but I don’t know what anyone would use it for, and I can’t see where to attach it anyway.

    On to the cons: None of the plans lasts more than 30 days and unused data does not rollover. They also claim on their packaging that a “Built-in usage meter lets you know how many megabytes you have left in your plan”, but it is not really built in. You have to go to their website to see what you have left. There is a real-time meter in the software that shows you how much data you are using at any given time, but you would have to do some math to convert this to your plan, as well as knowing how much was in your plan at the beginning of the session.

    Overall, this is a great product that I will use a lot.

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  2. 33 of 33 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Recommended with Caveats., March 9, 2010
    D Jones “DP Jones” (Alexandria, VA, USA) –

    This review is from: Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 Broadband2Go Prepaid USB Modem (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Have been using this USB broadband modem for three weeks. We purchased the modem and a $20 top-up card to activate it. The modem automatically connects to Virgin’s website each time it is plugged in, allowing top up via credit card. Even if your allocation has expired, it connects to the website…convenient in a pinch. You can buy top-up cards from Best Buy and other stores.

    Installation was very problematic. We connected this modem to three laptop computers running Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 3. None loaded everything required to get the modem working without some type of problem.

    All software is loaded from the USB modem itself and cannot be downloaded from any website. One computer simply refused to load the software from the USB modem. Two computers loaded the software, however, the software failed to detect the modem when it was inserted into the USB port. All this after following installation instructions precisely, reviewing included troubleshooting procedures, and spending two hours on the phone with tech support.

    In the end we got it all working after eight hours troubleshooting various configurations. The included software and drivers appeared to be very sensitive to other software running on our machines.

    Once operational, we were impressed with the modem’s capability to connect and stay connected. Upon insertion into the USB port, the modem took less than a minute to connect. We used the modem in a car, in a hotel, and in a private home along a route which ran down I-95 from Northern Virginia to South Florida and back. We had no problem connecting along our route. Download/upload speeds were typically slower than DSL but 4-5 times faster than dialup. The $20 top-up card allowed 30 days to download 250MB of data. For our week travelling, this was adequate for email and internet surfing. Heavy downloads, i.e., video and music will burn the 250MB allocation quickly. I’ve just received an email from Virgin upping allocation values on all their top-up cards. So a $20 card now buys 300MB of data. They still have a 30 day time limit on top-up cards after activation which I hope they extend to 60 days or more.

    We recommend this modem if you have patience and knowledge to get it working should you have installation problems. Also recommended for occasional use when wifi isn’t available while travelling. For us, this beats having to purchase a monthly contract. We use what we need, when we need it.

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  3. I bought one of these from a cell phone store locally? and I’m getting 2.5Mbps uploads and .8Mbps download, it awesome I hope verizon doesn’t ever catch onto this because its absolutely the best deal out there for Internet right now!

  4. im interested in paying for a tutorial on how to flash rather than actually? having it done for me….do you offer that type of service.

  5. Not sure how good a job it would do for Xbox gaming, but I had a customer call 2 days? ago saying her kids were playing PS3 online with it and she needs to order another mifi.

  6. You would need to find a corporate Verizon Kiosk location. Not sure if you can get the $5 a month,? but you can still pay $100 for the year.

  7. @ roclikewhat how would i get unlimited for as little as 5 dollars a month can? you explain that how it would work with prepaid what you would have to do?

  8. What are your typical transfer rates? Does Verizon throttle your? data? If so at what rate and at what triggers? Thanks

  9. OK cool I have a few questions how much us the service per month and how do I pay for the service do I? buy a prepaid card and do I have to have a Verizon mifi or could you use a sprint or virgin mobile

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