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ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Telephone (TracFone)

ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone)

With a 3.five” touch screen that lets you navigate functions with ease, this TRACFONE ZTE Valet Z665C no-contract cell telephone assists you stay connected and productive on the go. A 3.0MP camera permits you to capture and share pictures with household and pals.

Product Attributes

  • Consists of Triple Minutes for Life Free!
  • 3.5″ Touch Screen
  • 3 MP Camera/Video Recorder
  • No activation costs, contracts, monthly bills or credit checks
  • An Airtime Card is necessary for activation of this phone.

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2 thoughts on “ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone)

  1. 425 of 428 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Good Android Device and Phone, October 12, 2013
    H. Pham (Topeka, KS USA) –
    This review is from: ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    ======= A few words of advice – Added on 2/20/2014 =========

    * Some people who bought this phone are disappointed and complained that it doesn’t work at their house while their old Tracfones worked fine. This phone and the current crop of Tracfone Androids use CDMA technology (model number ending with “C”) and use Verizon network. Their old phones use GSM technology (model number ending with “G”) and use AT&T or T-Mobile network. Even though Tracfone may say this phone is available for your area, check with local friends and family to make sure there’s good Verizon signal where you plan to use this phone before buying one.

    * There are now over 700 answered questions for this phone, covering many subjects. If you have a question, try searching the Q&A and most likely your question had been asked and answered. Click on “See all xxx answered questions” below the box where you would ask a question. On the next screen, there’s a box to “Search Questions and Answers”. Put in a keyword of your question (gps, blinking, tranfer, music, etc) then click Go. If your question hadn’t been asked before, you’re welcome to ask your new question.

    * If you take time to read through the comments of this review, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to transfer your contact list to the Valet using bluetooth, how to find your unit balances, how to use the Power Control widget to toggle on/of Wifi, GPS, data, bluetooth, how to automate the PIN/password when calling voicemail.

    Now, on with the review…….

    =========== Part 1 – Added 10/12/2013 ================

    I just received my ZTE Valet today. I played with it for about 4 hours and so far I like it. I’ve been customizing it, downloading apps and testing them. It runs every app that I have on my Galaxy Tablet and just as fast. I tested it as an Android device, using my home Wifi. Haven’t activated it yet, so haven’t tested it as a phone, except testing the supplied ringtones which are very few. I’ll provide an additional review once I’ve had a chance to test it as a phone.

    I transferred my contact list over from the LG840 using bluetooth. Piece of cake.

    I ran a couple of aviation/navigation apps using the built-in GPS receiver. It’s very good. Sitting in my house about 6′ from the window, it picked up 7 satellites.

    ========== Part 2 – Added on 10/14/2013 ============

    This part of my review focuses on how the Valet performs as a phone.

    I activated the phone on Tracfone web site according to the included instructions. It went smoothly. Got assigned a new phone number with Verizon. You’ll need to activate the phone with a time card, or a credit card to buy time, or transferring time from another Tracfone. The Android phones don’t come with the typical 20 “starter” minutes.

    I set up voicemail by holding down the “1″ key on the dialpad, then followed the instructions to record my name, greeting, and select a PIN number.

    I live in the city and on a high elevation. The phone usually gets 4-5 bars out of the maximum 6 (haven’t seen 6 yet). Sound quality of calls is very good. The volume is also good.

    The phone has a lot of features: speaker phone, mute, call holding, forwarding, conference calls, etc. There’s a small LED near the top of the phone. You can set it up to blink if there was a missed call or incoming text message. This is helpful because you don’t have to “wake up” the screen to see if there was any missed call or message.

    When you receive a call, there are 3 options: answer, reject (goes to voicemail), or text. If you select “Text”, it switches to a screen where there’s a “Quick Response” message that you customized previously (like “Can’t talk now. Call you back later”) and you can fire off a quick text message to the caller.

    The contact list has all the typical features: multiple phone numbers, email address, different ringtone, etc. You can assign multiple contacts into Groups. That makes it easier if you typically sent text messages to a group of people. You can also “join” multiple contacts into one entry. I get calls from various sales people and fund raisers. Since the phone doesn’t have an “Ignore” list, I joined those people into one contact named “Unwanted” and assigned a low-volume “ding” ringtone to it.

    When the battery level gets down to 15%, you’re prompted to connect a charger. It takes 2 hours to bring the battery from 15% to 100%, using the supplied A/C charger. You can also charge it by connecting to a PC USB port, although I haven’t tested to see how long it takes to get a full charge.

    The phone appears to use very little battery when it’s on standby mode. I turned off Wifi,
    Bluetooth, GPS, Data, and used the Task Manager to shutdown all tasks, only the phone function is on. For the last 10 hours, the battery level went down 1%. So, it may live up to…

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  2. 281 of 285 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Perfect for my needs/wants and well worth 99 bucks, October 18, 2013
    Jason Burke

    This review is from: ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Are there much better Android phones available right now? Of course there are. There isn’t, however, anything that I would more highly recommend for a Tracfone user who wants to use it for the things that I want to use mine for. A few years ago, reps at some major mobile service providers would almost become hostile at the mention that I wanted to have a smartphone but I didn’t want to have a data plan. They would parrot off some stupid lines about not using the phone to its potential or some other garbage as justification for the fact that their company would not allow you to activate and use a smartphone without paying for their expensive monthly data plans. I have had a plan like that before, and I only ever used data a few times a week. For the most part I have access to wifi 90 percent of the day, and I do like to be able to pull out my phone to check email, look something up, and use/update a few apps that I like. It

    It was not worth 30-40 bucks to me to have all kinds of available data usage I would never make a dent in. I felt like someone wanting to grab a quick snack like an apple and the only options available were pricey all-you-can-eat buffets. Between that, not being super fond of texting (so I made no dent in my available texts either), and having a Magic Jack at home that I use to make any long or business type calls, even my relatively low-priced grandfathered plan from 2006 was looking like a huge waste of money. So I switched to Tracfone and have been more than happy that I did. I spend less than 20 bucks a month for 2 phones and always carry over some unused minutes. One thing I kept saying I would love was to be able to have a smartphone that I could use with wifi when I wanted, load on useful things like a graphing calculator (for Calculus class that I am currently in, backup contacts with google, and have the option to use a little bit of data on the occasions where I wanted/needed to do something and didn’t have wifi available all without a contract or hefty monthly fee.

    A couple of weeks ago I went to Best Buy and bought the ZTE Valet right after they because available to use on Tracfone. I typically expect to find a few things that disappoint me when my expectations are high for something inexpensive, but I can honestly say that every criteria I had come up with before buying the phone was exceeded. I can turn off 3g easily and not worry about accidentally using my data. I can download and use every app that I used to use on my deactivated Samsung Galaxy S (which I occasionally carried in addition to a cell phone needing two separate devices to be able at that time to do what I now can plus some with one), it is very fast and responsive (even if I had paid twice as much my expectations would have been surpassed), the camera is way better than the other phones I used with Tracfone before (nothing amazing but certainly good enough to post online or set as a pc screen background), and the battery life is fantastic. If I have it on but use it infrequently (maybe 10 minutes of web on wifi, 5 minutes on the phone, and 10 minutes just doing whatever) it will last several days without needing a charge. One day I used it to download apps and updates over wifi, surf the web, used the calulator for over 5 hours (you get a lot of homework in Calculus), and I had wifi turned on the entire day. This was 3 days after I had last charged it and I still had almost 40 percent of my battery left at the end of that day. I don’t expect this to last forever, but this is about the best I have seen so far with any phone.

    I can’t say anything regarding the call quality, so look elsewhere for that. The reason is that I just don’t make many calls, and in the last 2 weeks I haven’t actually used it to make any. I do see bars all day long, and I have ignored a few spam calls from some number that I recognized from answering on my previous phone with the same number. Texting works great. For me, splitting my tripled minutes into 60*3 = 180 minutes, 180 texts, and 180 MB has been great. Switching and transferring my old minutes (I had 420 minutes and got 420 minutes + 420 texts + 420 MB) was simple as well. The main thing that makes this a good fit for me is that I was already in these usage habits before (though using one phone and one Android device), so upgrade was 100 percent an enhancement. What I don’t use my phone for is to constantly let everyone know where I am all day long, update and alert me about updates to every stupid thing that happens on Facebook or Twitter or whatever, check in on foursquare or whatever it’s called, or anything like that. I have a TomTom in each car, but I did make sure the navigation works with google maps (it does just fine) just in case. If you are the type that actually could burn through multiple gigabytes of data every month, this phone would probably still be good, but what you care about and what I do would just be different… so you…

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